Job’s introduction

My name is Job Verwaaij, I’m student of History and this year I take place in the University Student Council (USR) on behalf of student party asap. Past two years I have already been active within the co-determination on our university. Two years ago I have been secretary of the Faculty Arts’ Student Council (FSRL) and last year I have been member of the Program Committee of History. This year I want to fully commit myself as student within co-determination. Besides the regular task that the USR provides, I want to commit myself to the integration of international students within our university community, the quality of education, the use of ICT within education and the organization of co-determination within our university. This year I will also be the contact for the FSRL, I will try my best to connect the Faculty of Arts with the central co-determination. If you’ve got question, suggestions or ideas for me, send me an e-mail on