Corona and finances: what to do with (acute) financial problems?

Despite of the crisis, the university student council is working as hard as we can. We are trying to represent the students the best we can during these hard times. The coming weeks we will give you more information about the topics we are discussing.

The COVID-19 crisis can have a lot of financial impact on students. At the moment we are insisting the university board to provide financial support in the current situation and to compensate study delays when possible. We highlight the difficulties of international students in this situation. As they might not have financial support and have very high expenses in terms of tuition fees and such.

Students with acute financial problems prescribe for the emergency fund. For compensation of financial problems due to study delay because of sickness or being caregiver, you can prescribe for the profiling fund. The ISO made a news article based on a document by the Landelijk Studentenrechtsbureau about your rights as a student. For more information about financial support at the university:

If you are very worried about your study delay and the possibility of great debts you are always welcome to contact one of the universities student psychologists, deans or any other student support. They will be able to help you by calling, video calling or email. Furthermore, they have multiple self help modules. e-learnings and webinars available. For all information click the following link:

On a short term, the Radboud University will come with more information about when you can get financial support. We will keep you up to date!

We wish everybody a lot of succes and good health! If there are any questions or topics that we can help with as the university student council you can contact us by mailing