November Update

Working group: Campus and Sustainability

The campus and sustainability working group has been busy in recent months. The main themes are to make the campus greener and more sustainable. Important topics include planting greenery in the area in front of Linneaus, creating more biodiversity, offering more vegetarian options in the buildings, recycling mugs, better separation of waste and circularity. What also plays a role are study workplaces; there is more of a desire for ‘zoom’ cubicles on campus and the change of the workplaces at all. Lecture halls are also examined in this regard. We also participate in discussions about the campus plan; this is discussed with us where our ideas are most welcome. An example of this is a pilot that will soon start on the longer use of lockers (think of ~72 hours) and a ‘roam’ library. In addition, we would also like to see the campus more lively; with more space for culture and sport. There are also many conversations about this. Fortunately, many policy workers are very cooperative and just as enthusiastic as we are!

Working group: Education and ICT

Over the past period, the Education & ICT working group has mainly been working on the design of education during and after the pandemic. The transition to a more digital learning environment must be managed in the right direction. Hereby we listen to the experiences of students. In this context, we have also sent a memorandum to the Executive Board (CvB) with great urgency. The memorandum was prompted by the worrying noises we heard from students who were encouraged to come to the university to take their exams, even with corona-related complaints. This is worrying because either students do not take the exam and register for the resit, or students are still expected to take the exam. Both choices in themselves have a huge negative impact on the students. Think of study delay, but also the feeling of insecurity that is created for other students. In the memorandum, we request the Executive Board to offer alternatives to physical exams at least until the end of the 2021-2022 academic year. In addition, the working group has been busy providing input for the new educational vision and we are discussing setting up innovative forms of interdisciplinary education with employees.

Working group: Wellbeing and Inclusion

In the Welfare & Inclusion working group, we spent the first few months mainly surveying the ongoing projects. Within our working group, a subgroup focusing on the welfare and inclusion of international students was quickly formed. Improving the position of this group of students will also be one of the focus points of this working group this year. Other topics we are working on include the identity of the university, project student support 2023, visibility of the confidants and the aftermath of corona. In addition, we have been talking to various staff members who are knowledgeable about wellness and diversity at our university. We hope that this year we can do our bit for the well-being of all students at Radboud University. We would like to do this by getting involved with large structural issues, but also by smaller deeds such as handing out a free cup of coffee and offering a listening ear.

Working group: Active Student

As was the case in previous years, the Active Student Working Group is once again committed to recognizing, raising awareness of and encouraging active student life. We are doing this through many projects. In the first policy cycle we started working on the contents of the introduction week since the “corona edition” has taught us a lot. We are working on the good things to take with us for when we can hold the introduction week again as usual. Furthermore, our members have been present at the master fair and the master open day, to talk about the active student life and what you can do next to your studies. These are just two of many projects that we are working on this year. If you have any questions or encounter problems related to the active student life do not hesitate to contact us!

Working group: Visibility & Relations

In the past weeks this work group was mostly busy with planning a reception for the University Student Council, which now unfortunately had to be cancelled again due to COVID. Also other future activities are influenced by this uncertainty, which is very unfortunate. Nevertheless are we trying to be visible and show every student what we are working on. By uploading posts on LinkedIn, Instagram and facebook we promote events that are relevant for students and inform about the projects we are busy with. We are glad about all the input we get from students from all different channels. That way we can make sure to address your concerns and we know what to work on.

In the future we hope to connect again on campus with you through events like the student participation day, Radboud XL or small coffee stands where you can come by and let us know about your opinion. Until then connect with us via our socials either on Instagram, facebook or LinkedIn.