March Update

Campus and Sustainability

The past few months for our working group has been in the light of the campusplan. The piece is on the agenda this cycle so that is kind of our main focus. We also discussed some environment-nature related topics, like a naturecouncil. We re-evaluated the focus points and are going to look a bit more into signs related finding your way around the campus and workplaces. The pilot for menstruationproducts will start soon and the tiny swap library is going to be placed. For the next weeks, we will get updated about some of our running projects (lockets, etc) and look further into that.

Education and ICT

This cycle the Education & IT working group has been working on and investigating a couple new projects. These include: a look at the national flex studying pilot, which allows students to pay per EC, rather than a full tuition fee. The evaluation of the pilot was very positive and we’ve talked with policy workers about how this could be applied to the Radboud University. It seems likely that it will be integrated within the current ‘flexible studying’ facilities the RU already provides. Furthermore, we’ve looked at a privacy proof cloud storage system for study associations.

Wellbeing and Inclusion

The well-being and inclusion working group has been working on making a concrete roadmap for internationals. So that they can easily see where they can go when they face a certain problem.

In addition, we have been working on a pilot which will start soon. During the pilot, the university will provide free menstrual products for students who have little or no money for such products. The free products will be provided at various locations around the university.

During the following weeks, we will also take a critical look at the evaluation of the project Student Counseling 2023. The evaluation will be discussed during the joint meeting this cycle.

Active Student

This cycle the working group Active Student has been busy whit a couple of things, first off we have been working on the “kwaliteitsafspraken” this is the money that got released because of the implementation of the “leenstelsel”. The government is going to invest this freed up money in our education, and because it is our money we as students have a say in where, and how this money can be spent. FSC’s are mostly responsible for how this money is spent. We as the USC have been trying to streamline the process so that this money is spent on projects that need it, and the voice of the students is heard in this process and not just a rubber stamp at the end. Furthermore, we have been working on the storage of data from study associations. Whit the switch to Microsoft Teams, it has been proposed that study associations can put their data in a protected environment. We have been helping in making this a smooth transition. 

Visibility & Relations

Last month, the V&R working group did their best for the participation gala. The invitations have been sent out, the DJ has been arranged and there will be a photographer. We are really looking forward to it, are you?

Besides the gala, the planning of the Lustrum was also on the agenda. After a lot of brainstorming there is now a nice schedule with many activities, more will be announced soon. Finally, the USC website has been completely renewed and updated. Here you can now find all the FSC’s, our focus points and our updates. Take a look around!