25th University Student Council

On the first day of the academic year 2021-2022 did the 25th University Student Council (USC) get installed. As every year, we will represent the students and their concerns and wishes. If you want to know more about the parties and umbrella associations that are present in the USC, see here.

The 25th University Student Council consists of:
Franka Noordam (CODC)
Isabelle Kik (AKKUraatd)
Laura Lensink (NSSR)
Luanne Dussel (AKKUraatd)
Marie-Sophie Simon (asap)
Matthijs Sparreboom (SOFv)
Nathalie van der Zande (asap)
Niels Goossens (BOS)
Richard Spithoff (CSN, Presidium Secretary)
Rizka Simons (asap, Presidium Chair)
Roel Veenstra (AKKUraatd, Presidium Vice-chair)
Romy Bardoel (ISON)
Seray van Montfort (asap)
Zino Duckers (AKKUraatd)