Savannah’s introduction

My name is Savannah Mellendijk, I am 22 years old and a history student at Radboud University. Next year I will be a member of the University Student Council as political chair of the Collaboration Consultation Faculty Associations, an umbrella for the study associations of the university. As a political chair, next year I will represent their interests at the highest level of employee participation. History is my greatest passion, and last year I was also delighted to be the chair of the History Study Association Excalibur. In the coming year I hope to use my experience as a board member, supplemented with the critical gaze of a historian, as a representative of the study associations. I also want to dedicate myself to the active student and to reduce the distance between study associations and university. As a University Student Council we would like to improve the university, but we do not do this alone. I am always open to new ideas and a good conversation!

Lara’s introduction

My name is Lara Mascini and this year I will be a member of the University Student Council (USR) on behalf of the B.O.S., the umbrella organization of the Nijmegen student associations. I myself started at the Business Management Master Organizational Design and Development. It is important to me that students have the opportunity to develop on a personal level in addition to ‘studying’. That is why I will commit myself this year, among other things, to the Active Student, so that students can have fun during their student days, find out where their ambitions lie and build up a valuable network for the rest of their lives. In this way I hope that the emphasis will be more on ‘being a student’. Finally, your student time is the most beautiful time of your life!
Do you have suggestions how this can be made possible or do you have other ideas? Then contact me!

Xander’s introduction

Hi everyone,

I am Xander van Ulsen, student public administration and this year I will be part of the University Student Council on behalf of student party asap, for which I will be party leader. Last year I was board member of Start Up Mix Students and tried to aid enterprising students in the realization of their ambitions. I became more aware that there are so many more options than just studying at the university. This year, I will work towards an increase of the possibilities for active students, in the broadest sense of the term. Whether you are an entrepreneur, top athlete, carer or board member of a student organization, the university should prioritize personal development more than it does today. Sustainability will be another subject of my interest this year. I hope to see that sustainable options are more accessible for students. If you have any questions, you can always approach me or send an email to

Jessica’s introduction

Dear all,

My name is Jessica Oudenampsen and this year I’m in the student council on behalf of asap.
I’m in the fifth year of the study Medicine, and thus I’m in the middle of my internships. Last years I was participating in the co-determination at the Medical Faculty, both as a member of the education committee as well as student assessor. Now I found it was time for me to discover ‘the rest’ of Radboud University.

This year in the student council, I would like to dedicate myself, in addition to the general tasks and subjects, to greater visibility of the co-determination, good study workplaces and the possibilities for interdisciplinary education. In addition, I think it is important that the Faculty of Medicine is less of an island. I hope I will be able to bring Radboud University and Radboudumc slightly  more together in the coming year. We can learn a lot from each other.

Do you have ideas for co-determination? Do you have issues that we as student council really need to address? I love coffee and beer so I really invite you to talk about it!
I wish you a nice academic year and hopefully; see you soon!


Flore’s introduction

Hello dear reader,

My name is Flore van Grunsven and this year I will be a member of the USR on behalf of AKKUraatd. I am a fourth year psychology student, but currently I am mainly occupied with USR tasks.
Last year I was the chair of Study association Psychology in Nijmegen (SPiN) and in that position I learned a lot about the ins and outs of our university. There are a lot of things that are obvious and well executed, but of course there are many more things that can be changed to make everyone feel at his / her place at Radboud University. That is why I want to focus this year on the theme of ‘well-being’ and I will deal with various committees and working groups to represent the voice of every student in the best possible way.
If you have any questions, speak to me and I will do my best to be there for you all.

Kind regards,