Flore’s introduction

Hello dear reader,

My name is Flore van Grunsven and this year I will be a member of the USR on behalf of AKKUraatd. I am a fourth year psychology student, but currently I am mainly occupied with USR tasks.
Last year I was the chair of Study association Psychology in Nijmegen (SPiN) and in that position I learned a lot about the ins and outs of our university. There are a lot of things that are obvious and well executed, but of course there are many more things that can be changed to make everyone feel at his / her place at Radboud University. That is why I want to focus this year on the theme of ‘well-being’ and I will deal with various committees and working groups to represent the voice of every student in the best possible way.
If you have any questions, speak to me and I will do my best to be there for you all.

Kind regards,

Nienke’s introduction

Hey everyone!
My name is Nienke and I’m in my fourth year of Mathematics, Computing Science and Linguistics. I’ve been on this university for quite some time now and I’ve noticed that even though it’s not that bad here, there are still many things that could be improved upon. That is why I have decided to join the USC. Specifically, I’ve noticed that even though more than 10% of our students are international, internationalisation is still a difficult process. That is why I will focus on international students and integration by being ISON board (the umbrella association for internationally minded student organisations). Besides this, I will also represent the member organizations of ISON in the USC. I will also focus on a couple of other student related things, such as how student participation at our university works. I will be busy this year, but if you have any questions or remarks, I will find the time to talk.

Marek’s introduction

Dear fellow students!
My name is Marek Voesenek and I am member of the University Student Council (USC/USR) on behalf of AKKUraatd. I am a bachelor student in Psychology and now 24 years old. This year I will focus on the quality of education, works council, career orientation, interpretation of the binding study advice (BSA) and internationalization. Of course, I am going to do a lot more, but this will be (for the time being) my spearheads. I am going to do this together with my fellow USR members and the
AKKUraatd group. If you have any points for improvement, crazy suggestions or other feedback about the functioning of the university, I will be happy to discuss this with you. I can be reached on my mail: m.voesenek@student.ru.nl. In short, I am really looking forward to representing you and I will do everything to achieve as much as possible.
Kind regards,
Marek Voesenek

Job’s introduction

My name is Job Verwaaij, I’m student of History and this year I take place in the University Student Council (USR) on behalf of student party asap. Past two years I have already been active within the co-determination on our university. Two years ago I have been secretary of the Faculty Arts’ Student Council (FSRL) and last year I have been member of the Program Committee of History. This year I want to fully commit myself as student within co-determination. Besides the regular task that the USR provides, I want to commit myself to the integration of international students within our university community, the quality of education, the use of ICT within education and the organization of co-determination within our university. This year I will also be the contact for the FSRL, I will try my best to connect the Faculty of Arts with the central co-determination. If you’ve got question, suggestions or ideas for me, send me an e-mail on j.verwaaij@usr.ru.nl.

Sander’s introduction

Hello everyone,

I am Sander van der Goes and this year I will represent students in the USC on behalve of student faction AKKUraatd, for which I will also be Party Leader. Currently, I am studying Geography, Planning and Environment, in which I am specializing in foreign policy and geopolitics. Last year I have been boardmember at Study Association Mundus, where I was concerned with career orientation. It gives me a lot of energy to be of assistance to students who are having difficulties concerning this topic. This year, I hope to put in the same amount of energy that I did last year to achieve an adequate career orientation, in which students can get into contact with other studies and disciplines at this university. I firmly believe that the university should be leading in the field of sustainability. That is why I will do everything I can to pursue a sustainable university, where all students feel at home. If you have any questions, you can always contact me at s1.vandergoes@student.ru.nl

Kind regards,