FSR Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica

This academic year (2020/2021) the Faculty Student Council (FSC) consist out of Isolde Hoogendonk, Ellen van de Logt, Florian van den Akker en Teun van Wieringen. The FSC is working hard to represent the students in this faculty. 

This year, we have several challenges. Not only we are with 4 instead of 6 members, but we also have to keep an sharp eye on how the education and the faculty are adapting the corona measures. Partly for this reason, one of the focus points will be student wellbeing, which we all find very important. Furthermore, we are together with Remy (student assessor) working on the course evaluations to improve them. We are also involved with the quality agreements.

All our updates, more information and everyting realted to the FSC of Science can eb found at:  http://www.ru.nl/fnwi/fsr/. You can reach us by mail at: fsr@science.ru.nl and you could follow us on Facebook (@fsrfnwi) and Instagram (fsr_science_ru). We would like to hear all your suggestions, complaints and compliments!

In addition, our educational committees (OLC’s) can be reached via the following email addresses:

Institute for Science and Innovation Studies; olc.isis@science.ru.nl

Institute for Science and Innovation Studies, olc.isis@science.ru.nl;
Wiskunde, olc.wiskunde@student.ru.nl;
Biologie, olc.biologie@student.ru.nl;
Moleculaire Levenswetenschappen, olc.mlw@student.ru.nl;
Natuur- en Sterrenkunde olc.natuursterrenkunde@student.ru.nl;
Informatica en Informatiekunde, olc.niii@student.ru.nl;
Science, olc.nw@student.ru.nl;
Scheikunde, olc.scheikunde@student.ru.nl.

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