FSR Filosofie, Theologie- en Religiewetenschappen

The FSC FFTR represents the students of the bachelor’s PPS, Philosophy, Theology, Religious Sciences and Islam studies and all master’s of the faculty. At least five times a year, the council meets with the Faculty Board and the Employee Faculty Council. In this meeting, the FSC represents the students in making choices about faculty policy. Currently, hese meetings take place via video calls to take the corona measures into account. Because the faculty is such a small faculty, the council also has informal contact with these other parties.

The FSC currently consists of six members from different study programs within the faculty:

  • Luisa Koch
  • Thembi Lamsberg
  • Marit van der Wielen
  • Lenneke Geerts
  • Ajuna Soerjadi
  • Maud Dingemans

If students have issues or want to discuss something with us, they can reach us at studentenraad@ftr.ru.nl (currently visiting us in our room E14.03a isn’t possible because of the corona measures).

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