FSR Managementwetenschappen

The Faculty Student Council (FSR) is an elected student representation at the faculty level and is composed of six students who, on behalf of all students of the faculty, discuss and even decide on the policies pursued by the faculty board. The FSR is responsible for assessing the (educational) plans of the dean. In assessing these plans, the best interests of the student are taken into account. Besides the regular issues, such as determining the OER and participation in the Faculty Assembly (FGV), this year we will be very busy with ensuring the quality of education and examinations under COVID-19 conditions and with the guidance of new students.

The FSR of Faculty of Management Sciences 2020-2021 consists of:

Joor Bluemink – chair
Jet Dunnewind – vice-chair
David van Gils – treasurer and contact person OLCs
Jelte Deurwaarder – secretary, OER and education
Jurian Van der Waal – Housing and restart team
Jean-Pierre Dullens – student guidance and contact person USR

If you have a complaint, a question or just want to give your opinion about the state of affairs at the faculty, please send an e-mail to the FSR (studentenraad@fm.ru.nl). Like and follow our Facebook page and Instagram page to stay informed about what we as FSR can do for you and what we are doing.