Gijs’ introduction

In the coming weeks, the members of the 22nd USC will introduce themselves: we kick off with Gijs, who will be the chair of the USC this year!

Hi everyone! My name is Gijs Kooistra and this year I will be the chair of the University Student Council, in which I take place on behalf of AKKUraatd. I am a 21 year old master student in the field of political science and I am living in Nijmegen for three years now. In the past few years I have discovered the Radboud University and her student life, and the coming year I would like to push for the student interests at this university. As chair of the council I especially want to put effort in making
the whole system of student representation more visible. In addition, I would like to make sure that the communication between the student representative bodies will become smoother, which will result in a better representative system on this University. I am looking forward very much to this year and hope to be able to achieve as much as possible!