Nienke’s introduction

Hey everyone!
My name is Nienke and I’m in my fourth year of Mathematics, Computing Science and Linguistics. I’ve been on this university for quite some time now and I’ve noticed that even though it’s not that bad here, there are still many things that could be improved upon. That is why I have decided to join the USC. Specifically, I’ve noticed that even though more than 10% of our students are international, internationalisation is still a difficult process. That is why I will focus on international students and integration by being ISON board (the umbrella association for internationally minded student organisations). Besides this, I will also represent the member organizations of ISON in the USC. I will also focus on a couple of other student related things, such as how student participation at our university works. I will be busy this year, but if you have any questions or remarks, I will find the time to talk.