Savannah’s introduction

My name is Savannah Mellendijk, I am 22 years old and a history student at Radboud University. Next year I will be a member of the University Student Council as political chair of the Collaboration Consultation Faculty Associations, an umbrella for the study associations of the university. As a political chair, next year I will represent their interests at the highest level of employee participation. History is my greatest passion, and last year I was also delighted to be the chair of the History Study Association Excalibur. In the coming year I hope to use my experience as a board member, supplemented with the critical gaze of a historian, as a representative of the study associations. I also want to dedicate myself to the active student and to reduce the distance between study associations and university. As a University Student Council we would like to improve the university, but we do not do this alone. I am always open to new ideas and a good conversation!