Statement University Student Council on coronavirus

Dear students,

Radboud University has decided not to organise any educational activities on-campus until at least March 31. If possible, education will be organised remotely. We advise our fellow students to stay informed and to regularly check the latest updates on the Radboud University website. Many students have questions, specifically about the progress of their education and the exams, for which we refer to the dedicated page on the Radboud University website. It is also of great importance to check your email properly in the coming period.

The Executive Board is in fully in charge regarding this crisis. Of course, we will closely monitor all actions and contribute where possible. Teams are doing the best they can to find solutions to problems of which the scope sometimes remains unclear. Together, we will have to find a way to ensure that education and research continue in a suitable manner.

On behalf of the University Student Council, I hereby express full confidence in the Executive Board, the Crisis Management Team and their approach to address this crisis situation.

Hans Kunstman, President of the University Student Council