May Update

Campus & Sustainability

Campus & Sustainability is starting to round up this year. What have we done, what still needs to be finished and what is almost done. The wandering bookcase has finally arrived at the USC room, now we are going to make it a bit more cosier and place it in the UB. There is also good news for three large music associations, they are probably going to be able to use the Berchmanianum Kapel – that is a first step into getting more cultural associations on campus permanently! For workplaces, monitors will be added to some places, so you can work with two screens. There are also Zoom workplaces being established in the UB, this is an experiment and if it works there will probably come more. This moment, we are discussing some new ideas for the next USC to start with.

Education & IT

Due to the May holidays, the Education & IT workgroup only met up once this month. One of the things we discussed during this meeting were the complaints of study associations on carreer central. Carreer central is a central platform provided by the university where companies can post vacancies. This new platform however bypasses study association who receive sponsorship money for posting the vacancies on their respective platforms. We addressed this discussion with Academic Affairs and they are aware of the complaints and are looking into a credit system to cater to the study association wishes. Beside career central, we’re also involved in the discussions and projects around new test software, such as SPSS. With current trajectory the plan is to be able to test with SPSS around December!

Wellbeing & Inclusion

The last weeks the working group Wellbeing & Inclusion has been working on several topics. Some of the highlights include finishing the roadmap for internationals. Right now we only need to work on a nice design but we are very content with the overview, hopefully a lot of international students can benefit from it. Starting the pilot for free menstruation products, in EOS, library and Maria Montesorri the trial period for free menstruation products has started. You can find these products in the school supply vending machines. We received a formal reply to our notion about social safety, the Board will follow our recommendations. We are very happy with this outcome. Hopefully the code of conduct will be voted in during the last cycle by the workers council, so we can start next year with a proper code and a function safety net for students.

Visibility & Relations

Last month, the Visibility & Relations working group worked on the Participation Day. On this day, we organised a lecture in cooperation with Amnesty International. The main theme of this lecture was consent. It was a very interesting and interactive lecture that taught us a lot. You may also have spotted us at Huize Heyendaal, because we had a photo shoot with the whole USC!