The university student council (short USC) is the central participation body of Radboud University. It represents the needs and concerns of all our students and works hard to make this university a better place for everyone. To do so, the USC meets with policy workers, has meetings with the Executive board of university and of course also listens to the students behind them. To make sure every student feels represented, the USC consists of different parties to represent students. Below, we will introduce and explain each of them shortly.


AKKUraadt is a student fraction that participates in the yearly elections for the USC since 2002. Since then they have always advocated for good education, a student life for everyone, a sustainable university and a strong student participation. AKKUraadt is also connected as a working group to the student union AKKU. They dare to have a long term vision and never shy down from big challenges. See more on their website or visit them on facebook or instagram. You can contact them via or if you want to contact only the USC members via


The student party asap specifically focuses on the active student. With the “active student”, they mean anyone who does something additional next to their studies, whether that is within or outside of university. They represent students by advocating for four main points. These are, future-proof education, flexibility in studying for personal development, student well-being and support and of course a lively campus which means a socially and environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. All this can be achieved with the motto of asap: powerful representation. If you want to find out more, go to their website or visit them on facebook or instagram.


The International Student Organisations Nijmegen is the umbrella association for all internationally-minded associations. Its members range from internationally- interested to internationally-focused to fully English-speaking associations. Also, the members activities show a great variety. Students can be part of social activities, internships abroad, debating on international level, discovering the Netherlands and Nijmegen or taking part in medical related events drawing attention to global health. ISON is convinced that an international experience enriches your life and your world, and that it widens your perspective and therefore advocates for a divers Radboud University. A university that facilitates intercultural encounters and stimulates diversity. You can find out more on their website or visit them on facebok. You can also get in touch with them via


SOFv is the umbrella organization for all study associations in Nijmegen. It is meant to bring member associations into contact and exchange ideas. It also represent their needs at various levels within university. This happens by maintaining contact with bodies such as Student Life, but also in the University Student Council (USC). The political Commissioner of the SOFv has a seat on the USC to advocate for the interests of student associations and their active student members. By communicating with the members through the general membership meeting and taking the input back into the USC it builds a productive interaction between student participation and association life. For more information, please take a look at the website: Do you still have
questions? Then send an email to:


The NSSR is the umbrella organization for all Nijmegen student sports associations and individual student athletes. The NSSR itself acts as the contact for all associations and works hard to represent the interests of the Nijmegen student athletes as best as possible. The political commissioner is the direct contact person for the Radboud University and the HAN. For Radboud University the political commissioner then takes a seat on the USC in order to put forward the best interest of the student athletes to achieve that their needs and wishes are always taken into account. If you want to know more, see their website .


B.O.S is the umbrella organization for the five student associations of Nijmegen: NSV Carolus Magnus, NSV Ovum Novum, NSRV Phocas, NSZV de Loefbijter and ASV Karpe Noktem. As an umbrella organization we take care of good contact with the associations. Every year we organize several activities for (prospective) students, such as the Week of the Associations and the BOS Walk. In addition, the B.O.S. represents the interests of these associations with respect to the university, the HAN and the municipality. The B.O.S. is also affiliated to the National Chamber of Associations, through which we also have contact with the national umbrella organizations and other student associations in the Netherlands. For more information you can visit our website or send an email
to We also have an Instagram account @b.o.s.nijmegen and a Facebook page!


CSN is the umbrella organisation of the christian student associations. Its goal is to increase the connection between the christian associations and create a united front to the outside. To increase the connection among the religious associations by collaborating on projects like Happietaria Nijmegen, which is a (student)restaurant for a good cause. StudentAlpha helps students with life questions and IFES Nijmegen is an organisation that focuses on international, christian students. There is also Perplex, which is a place where students can meet each other, have a free meal and study and Passionweek is a week with lectures/seminars/activities for everyone about questions regarding life, religion, God and a lot of other things. The political commissioner represent the christian student associations in the USC. You can find more information on the website or you can get in contact with them via or via facebook and instagram.