College of Assessoren

College of Assessoren 2020-2021:

  • Femke Kogels (FSW)
  • Fabienne Taks (FdR)
  • Remy Richie en Nienke Wessel (FNWI)
  • Stephen Gijsbers (FdM)
  • Stijn van der Velden (FMW)
  • Pauline Stevens (FdL)
  • Charlotte Blaak (FFTR)

To be able to represent the student interests also on an administrative level, each faculty has a designated assessor. This assessor is a student who takes part in the administrative meetings of the faculty and has an advisory role. Student interests and faculty interests come together in this way.

To share knowledge and information between the assessors of the different faculties, the College of Assessors (CvA) exists. The College of Assessors meets, as a rule, on a weekly basis to discuss current issues and to see to what extent and in what way cooperation can take place. The overlapping interests and university-wide issues are also reflected in the meetings with the Rector that take place six times per academic year and are organized by the Board of Assessors.

From a faculty point of view, the assessor is closest to the employee participation through the close and frequent contact with the Board of Governors, the Faculty Student Council (FSR) and the Programme Committees (OLCs) and has an important function centrally because of the contact with the Rector, the Board of Assessors and the contact with the USR. A number of assessors also have contact with assessors from other universities. In this way the assessor exerts influence on university policy.

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