The FSC of the Faculty of Law

Left to right – Tygo Loeffen (vz), Marscha Grotenhuis, Marinka Mullink, Léon Gubbels

The computer facilities, the examination regulations, the education and examination schedules, the library; things that you as a student have to deal with almost every day. It is therefore not surprising that you can have a complaint about this. The Faculty Student Council (FSR) with its four elected members is there for you. They discuss and decide in the Faculty Joint Meeting (FGV), which takes place once every six weeks. In this meeting, the component committee, consisting of academic and support staff, the board of the faculty and the FSR sit together. Whereas the emphasis in the Programme Committee is on education, the FGM also deals with matters relating to the organization of the faculty. The FGV is open to everyone, so are you interested or do you have questions? Then drop by the FSR or visit an FGV. Some examples of issues the FSR has taken care of in recent years, played an important role in and/or is still working on: computer facilities, the study places and consultation rooms, the appointment of professors, the approval of the faculty budget and good exam locations. For questions or comments you can reach the student council at

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