20th University Student Council

On the first day of academic year 2016-2017, last August 29, the XXth University Student Council (USC) was installed. We are looking forward immensely to representing the interests of the students of Radboud University as well as possible this year. The USC consists of eight elected members and six umbrella members. Umbrella associations represent a certain part of the student population and thus ensure that the interests of all students are represented. Elections for the elected members are held each year in May, at which time three parties can currently be voted for: AKKUraatd, asap and The Free Student (De Vrije Student).

The XXth USC consists this year of:
– Dennis Walraven (Chair; asap)
– Isa Corbeek (Vice-chair; AKKUraatd)
– Else Giesbers (secretary first half year; SOFv)
– Aline Tuls (secretary second half year; CSN)
– Dinja de Vries (AKKUraatd)
– Michelle Snaterse (AKKUraatd)
– Bob Smits (asap)
– Cas Spaans (asap)
– Maarten Dietz (asap)
– Joppe Hamelijnck (De Vrije Student)
– Bente Bouwman (ISON)
– Timo Bakrin (B.O.S.)
– Pim ten Broeke (NSSR)
– Ilse Strikkeling (CHECK)