24th University Student Council

On the first day of academic year 2020-2021, last September 1, the 24th University Student Council (USR) was installed. We are incredibly looking forward to representing the interests of the students of Radboud University as well as possible this year. The USR consists of eight elected members and six umbrella members. Umbrella associations represent a certain part of the student population and thus ensure that the interests of all students are represented. Elections for the elected members are held each year in June, at which time two parties can currently be voted for: AKKUraatd and asap.

The 24th USC is:
– Wietske Krijgsheld (presidium; CSN)
– Rick Spierings (presidium; asap)
– Daan Willems (presidium; AKKUraatd)
– Sarah Boulehoual (AKKUraatd)
– Jasmijn Vos (AKKUraatd)
– Jelle Verploegen (AKKUraatd)
– Jasper van Ulsen (asap)
– Jesse Dekker (asap)
РJoris Schr̦der (asap)
– Rose Snijders (CODC)
– Gina Advena (ISON)
– Gohar Pogosian (B.O.S)
– Maaike Vink (NSSR)
– Aline Boels (SOFv)