Student Participation

On several levels of the university structure, students have a say in what is happening. We call this student participation. The level closest to students is that of the Program Committees (PCs), which exist for every major offered at the university. They are concerned with the quality of the major program, and keep track of this by looking through filled in course evaluations to see if the quality of a course is good enough.

On a faculty level, there is the Faculty student council, and as the name might suggest, every faculty has one. They have a say in things the faculty board wants to implement. They also try to help program committees do their job.

On the university level, there is the University Student council, whose website you’re on right now. What we do is similar to what a Faculty Student Council does, but now on a university wide level and with the University board instead of a Faculty board. To learn more about what we do, take a look at the rest of this website!