Working Groups of the USC

The members of the Student Council are divided into five workgroups. In these workgroups, the members work in smaller groups on specific and concrete topics. Working groups can start their own policy initiatives to present to the joint assembly, discuss and evaluate the proposals of the executive board or the works council and work together with different departments to improve Radboud University.

Campus & Sustainability

In the workgroup Campus & Sustainability , the council members are concerned with topics related to the Radboud campus, such as student housing, study workplaces and the Refter. It is also talked about how the university can be made more sustainable – think of waste separation, combating waste and increasing vegetarian options.

Education & ICT

In the Education & ICT workgroup, the council members are concerned with various topics related to education.On the one hand, they appraise where education can be improved or better comply with  the wishes of students. On the other hand, they discover and recommend innovations in education. Important projects that the council is working on this year include the binding study advice (with regard to COVID-19), interdisciplinary and interfaculty education, the Quality Agreements and a digital learning environment.

Wellbeing & Inclusion

In the workgroup Diversity & Wellbeing , the council members discuss ways in which the university can be made more inclusive. Everything that makes students as a whole feel disadvantaged or stressed is their concern. It is the work group’s task to pay attention to how the university deals with well being and diversity and make not only policy recommendations but also give impulses. Much attention is also paid to the wellbeing of students – especially in times of Corona.

Active Student

In the working group Active Student , the council members look at various ways to make it easier and more attractive for students to develop in non-academic areas in addition to their studies. An example of this is the awareness of opportunities and possibilities in which students can thrive besides their studies. But it is not only awareness that this working group is concerned with but also its facilitation from university. Important topics are the FONDS regulations and flexible studying. The council is also considering the possibilities of a campus card, combining your sports, student and culture card.

Visibility & Relations

In this workgroup, the council members are managing all social media channels of the USC. It also supports the USC in facilitating a smooth cooperation between council members by organising internal bonding activities.