The FSC of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Left to right: Jekke Metzlar, Sascha Boosten, Pepijn Burger, Ammy Le, Giovanni Meijer, Eric Fleischer

Who are we?

The FSC is committed to represent the interests of students within the administration of the faculty. This is more important than ever, now students seem to become invisible due to online education and the COVID pandemic. This year, we will again keep in close contact with OLCs to ensure the quality of education. Make sure you always go to the OLC if you encounter problems within the programme.

Perhaps you have a question about the teaching and examination regulations (OER), or you have suggestions for the student workplaces, or you have another idea about what our faculty could do better? Where do you go as a student? Well, you can contact the Faculty Student Council (FSR)! The Faculty Student Council is a group of students who are committed to representing the students of the faculty. We discuss topics that are relevant to our faculty. These can be subjects that come up regularly, like the aforementioned student workplaces and the OER, but they can also be subjects that are more topical, like the new Maria Montessori building for social sciences and also subjects that are only getting more relevant, like student welfare and sustainability.

We are doing our best to represent the students but we need your help! By sharing your advice, complaints and suggestions we will have a better idea of the faculty, how the students experience it and therefore we are better able to represent the students. However, you are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our faculty, we will be happy to answer them. You can find our contact details below and you can keep up to date via our social media.

General Information

The members of the FSR are elected annually in the university elections. If you are interested in joining the FSR next academic year, please check our social media for more information or send us an email at the address below for more information.

The FSR is responsible for representing the students in our faculty, but how do they do this? The FSR has a few initiatives of its own such as supporting the programme committees (OLCs) and communicating relevant information to the students. However, the most important thing for the FSR is to be present in the faculty joint meetings, in these meetings the FSR can discuss things and sometimes vote on policies presented by the faculty board.


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